A place we called home, a home for the homeless where there is hope, love and a future waiting. . .



Children - It's a Gift

This is Stacy (not her real name). She was born in December 2015. Her parents are teenagers. Her father abandoned them when he learned that her mother was pregnant. Her mother was too young to have her and decided to terminate the pregnancy. In the state of her confusion, Dr Art Chutong found her and brought her to ZionLand. In ZionLand she was cared for until the baby was born. Today, she is grateful that someone heard her cries and gave her a chance to see our beautiful world.

Dr Art Chutong said he often hears the desperate, defenseless cries of innocent babies, “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die…”

Would you tune in and hear their cries too . . .?


James is a lovely and cute little boy. His innocent smiles warm every heart who comes to ZionLand. The look in his eyes and the warm smiles tell you there is every reason to live. Thank you for supporting us . . .

Kisses and sweetness are so natural and pure in ZionLand. There is no other place to be than in ZionLand; a place of hope, love and a future we are building together with our partners.

Hannah, her mother tried many times to abort her, however she persevered and was born, such is the spirit at ZionLand. Today she is a happy child and she lives to tell her story…