Our Company

DreamAlive is a company conceived by a team of ordinary people pursuing their vision to create sustainable projects for the development of less-privileged children of ZionLand in Don Chedi, Suphanburi, Thailand and the regions.

Our Objectives

1. To build a safe and secure home in a loving environment from the time of birth through adulthood.
2. To help them realise their potentials through education and child development; physical, mental, social and emotional.

Our Story

Anne Heng


Psalm 127:3

Children are a gift from God;
    they are a reward from Him.

While I was in College in USA, I worked as an Art Teacher in a Christian Academy during my Summer break.

One day, in the school chapel at the Academy, I caught a vision of what I could do as a Christian for children. As a result, that vision changed my life.  I knew that I have a responsibility and the capacity to make a difference in young lives.

Returning to Singapore, I have spent almost twenty years of my life reaching out to young children at Student Care Centres and Community works. These children whom God had brought into my life, gave me so much fulfilment and joy.  They have now grown up to become successful in their lives and careers.

Moving forward, I plan for the next 10 years to help the poor and lesser privileged in Thailand. Together, we will build Zionland.