Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation.

We are the Jasmine Kids

Jasmine Kids

Jasmine Project was founded in 2008 to reach out to unwed mothers and their abandoned children. To date, we have cared for 12 children and their mothers. Some of them have since left the ZionLand Centre, going back to their respective homes while others still remain.
To those who stay, we continue to provide them a shelter, food, clothing and education. We seek to give them a secure and safe environment, blessed with an abundance of goodness and love.  As a result, they would grow, learn, be equipped and empowered to serve their own generation.

Stacy (not her real name) was born in December 2015. Her parents are both teenagers. Her father abandoned them on hearing that her mother was pregnant. Caught in a state of confusion and uncertainty for the future she decided to end her pregnancy…more

Hannah, her mother took drugs and wanted to abort her several times but she persevered and was born, such is the spirit of those in ZionLand. Today she is a happy child and lives to tell her story because someone cares…Thank you for giving me life.

Kisses and showing of love and affections are natural expressions in ZionLand. The children learn to share everything they have together. It is a joy to see them having so little yet much to give . . .

James is a lovely little boy. His innocent smiles warm every heart who comes to ZionLand. The look in his eyes and the warm smiles tell you there is every reason to live. Thank you for supporting us . . .


My parents left me in ZionLand when I was born. I have lived here all my life. It is the only place I know is home, where I am loved, safe and secured. This is the place where I build my hope and dreams...

Kids grow organic purple rice and have fun too.