You are about to do something that is invaluable and meaningful 

… that’s why you CLICK!

This is our home. It is about 8 years since Dr Art and Dr Pat brought us here.

We came here because nobody wants us.

Our parents left us here in Zionland since the day we were born.

In this place, we found each other. We have love and acceptance.

Everyday, we eat, play, study and go to school together.

We are growing up . . . our home is getting too squeezy

because many more children like us have come here.

The place is also getting old and we need a bigger and proper

place – Will you help us renovate?



For the children as they grow up

In February 2017, we embarked on a long-awaited dream, ‘Organic Farming of Fruits and Vegetables’ on our 10 acres piece of land. This is a self-sustainable project as the children grow up and for their future.